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Blockchain Made Simple

Gone are the days when you had to be a computer genius to be able to create applications on the blockchain. With DLS Barracuda Platform, blockchain has become child's play.
Design Idea

Design Idea

Now you can concentrate more on developing your ideas and making them a reality for your business.
Design Idea

Design Process

Focus on your design process and the experience you want to deliver to your customers.
Design Idea

Smart Contracts

Need to create smart contracts on the blockchain, but lack the necessary knowledge? Barracuda makes the process simple and effortless.
Design Idea

100% Immutable

Have complete confidence that your original data has not been altered. All changes are recorded on the blockchain which guarantees peace of mind.

The Blockchain For Your Business

We created the Barracuda blockchain with businesses in mind. A clean and simple way to integrate new or existing business functionalities into the blockchain.

Legal Sector

Digital Ledger Systems extends Legal capabilities with encryption of all data, immutable history, full process traceability, easy smart contracts.
Barracuda applies strict security policies and ensures strict secure nonmanipulated data storage.


Education Sector

Digital Ledger Systems delivers an optimised blockchain solution for education environments.
A smarter way for communication between teachers, pupils, parents and authorities.
Full tracking history in one loction is just one of the advantages.  


Health Sector

Digital Ledger Systems delivers high performance blockchain options for the pharma industry. Improves processes, protects Intellectual property, reduces costs and accelerates time to market. Available to run Phase 1 to 3 in drug development processes.


E-Vote Sector

Digital Ledger Systems delivers trust for E-Voting.
With Barracuda E-Vote all votes are unique and 100% quorum is achieved.
Voters cannot double vote, polling stations see instant results and much more.


Insurance Sector

Digital Ledger Systems supports optimized ways for insurances to work with their clients and partners with legally proven and immutable history.
Automated processes, compliance and cost savings.
Simplified Insurance options.


Shipping Sector

Digital Ledger Systems delivers a comprehensive solution for the shipping industry. Track ships, cargo, location, customs status and much more. A secure and optimised solution for shipments. Speed up processes and reduce paper work.


Transport Sector

Digital Ledger Systems delivers high performance blockchain solutions for car manufacturers to provide better management and history of vehicle status and usage.

Manipulation free records & immutable history.



Digital Ledger Systems delivers high performance blockchain solutions for various collaboration efforts such as; Supply Chain, Delivery Processes, Sharing any kind of data. Secure user management, encrypted data with immutable history.


The smart choice for your Blockchain Solutions

What We Do


Digital Ledger Systems AG delivers high performance blockchain solutions for leading companies and industries worldwide.


Global solutions for small and large businesses. The world becomes smaller with DLS.


Secure solutions for e-Trust, e-ID, e-Communication and much more at the highest standards.


Regulatory system to comply with law and regulations in any business or industry.

No Take Over Risk

Secure: no uncontrolled distribution

No Time Delay

Scalable & Fast: no reliance on miners

No Unregulated Data

Controlled: no unmanaged data

No Rollback Risk

Safe: no malicious insertions

No Size Restriction

Optimised: fast dynamic block sizing

No Fraud Risk

Managed: no un-authorised access

No Miners

Advanced: no anonymous miners

No Uncontrolled Data Flow

Governed: true managed flow control

Energy efficient

Green: no high running costs

Encryption of Data

Security: secure encryption functionality

Because only truth and facts matter.

Latest News


Some of the projects we are working on.


Legal Document System - BDOC

With BDOC you can create an ad-hoc, real-time online contract that is completely secure and transparent, with an immutable history within the Barracuda Blockchain.
With Barracuda, coding is no longer required to create smart contracts. Barracuda simplifies and streamlines this complex process such that everyone now has the tools to quickly and efficiently create their own contracts.

Document processing, immutable history of all edits (who, when and what has changed). View access, granting of rights, transfer of ownership, guaranteed notification and much more.

BDOC is designed for:
  • Law Firms
  • Corporate Lawyers
  • Notary Firms
  • Audit & Consulting Firms
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Companies with important and sensitive documentation
More information about BDOC can be found on: https://bdoc24.ch

The question of who has changed what, when the content was changed, who has seen documents / information, whether the data has been changed or not (invariability question) and who has control over data, are just a few of the increased requirements in many companies. Being able to provide an auditable record of such information will increasingly become a necessity in the future.



ONEBIO - Digital Health

The ONEBIO Digital Ledger is built on Barracuda Blockchain for the Life Science industry and is compliant with all regulatory requirements such as GDPR.

In collaboration with


Some of the following core functions of the Digital Health solution.

  • The ONEBIO Digital Ledger provides a high security platform for all stored customer data.
  • Utilises the global BlackBerry NOC Network for high security hosting and connection.
  • A hardware encryption solution to secure connected devices.
  • Secure smart contracts and decision making.
  • Handle and remove illegal data stored on the system.
  • Solution to provide country specific data privacy and compliance.
  • Multiple layers of industrial grade data protection.
  • Regulatory compliance, including GDPR from inception.
Within the ONEBIO marketplace, individuals are always in full control of their data and its usage. They determine who can see, process & enhance their data, while remaining fully protected by technology on a distributed ledger. By providing and enriching their data, the individual’s records become valuable goods for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers, who may purchase datasets from individuals directly on the ONEBIO marketplace (where law permits). This data is then utilized to advance medical breakthroughs and, depending on bio signals from embedded early detection systems that handle the data, also offer healthcare services in return to individuals in need.


Barracuda Marine Application

PoC Marine Application. A demo utilising the Barracuda blockchain from Digital Ledger Systems AG within the shipping sector.
In this demo real-time tracking for ships and their containers is presented. The following actions are shown: Tracking, Berth-state, Location, Containers, Contents, Port-state, Ships, Zooming, Vessel Information, Wallets and other functionalities.

Length of this video: 10 minutes.


Roadmap of Barracuda Blockchain

Our past and future roadmap for the Barracuda blockchain technology.

NOTE: This roadmap can change without prior notice due client projects

Our roadmap will be updated monthly.

Q2/Q3 2020

Integrate Office 365 on BDOC

Integrate Office 365 for word, excel and powerpoint within BDOC to increase the functionality and improve the user experience of BDOC.

Q2/Q3 2020

Q1/Q2 2020

Baas Service from Barracuda

Initial launch of the Barracuda Baas service. The Barracuda Blockchain can then be subscribed to as a service online. Business users can then develop their own applications utilizing the Barrcuda API reference and framework.

Q3/Q4 2019

Dynamic Smart Contracts

Enable dynamic smart contracts option within the Barracuda Blockchain.

Q3/Q4 2019

Q2/Q3 2019

PoC Biodata Econonomics

The PoC phase launch for the peer to peer biodata ecosystem for OneBio within the digital health marketplace utilizing the BlackBerry global NOC Network.

20th June 2019

Launch BDOC on Barracuda

Launch of the Legal BDOC document management system on Barracuda Blockchain. More on https://bdoc24.ch

20th June 2019

July 2018

Cluster Ability

In July 2018 the cluster ability has been added to Barracuda to ensure seemless expansion options.

April 2018

Partnership with OneBio

A partnership was formed with OneBio in Switzerland to create a biodata ecosystem which utilises the Barracuda Blockchain technology for the Life Science industry.

April 2018

Jan 2018

Role Concept

By the beginning of 2018 the user management component was integrated within Barracuda and allowed creating groups & policies within Barracuda core. This function allows admins to add custom roles and groups to Barracuda Blockchain.

May 2017

Forming Digital Ledger Systems AG

The company Digital Ledger Systems AG was formed  and registered in Switzerland.

May 2017

December 2016

First Running Core

By the end of 2016 we had managed to have basic functionality of barracuda up and running. This included dynamic block sizing and timing.

January 2016

Development Start

Initial development of base functionalities.

January 2016


Initial Draft

Initial design ideas about a blockchain which can be used for corporate businesses.

Meet Our Team


The Digital Ledger Systems AG Team that makes it all happen.


Peter Lamprecht
Peter LamprechtCEO & Founder
Kuno Bürge
Kuno BürgeCEO & Founder


Frank Eckardt
Frank EckardtCTO & CTIO
Natalia Bürge
Natalia BürgeCFO


Sascha Niederer
Sascha NiedererPackage Manager
Caroline Fauche-Ortiz
Caroline Fauche-OrtizLead Graphic Designer
Roland Holmlund
Roland HolmlundDeveloper & Designer
Ashley Blaik
Ashley BlaikProof Reader

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