Ultra-Secure Storage and Transfer of Medical Data with BlackBerry's NOC and Blockchain Technology

Our Partner ONEBIO has been selected as solution provider by BlackBerry for Secure Storage and Transfer of Medical Data over Blockchain Technology.


Press Release from https://www.blackberry.com 04.10.2018

BlackBerry Chairman and CEO, John Chen speaking at the 2018 BlackBerry Summit in New York.



Ultra-Secure Storage and Transfer of Medical Data with BlackBerry's NOC and Blockchain Technology

The company will be using its renowned carrier-grade network operation center (NOC) to power a blockchain digital ledger, provided by ONEBIO, to create an ultra-secure global ecosystem for the storing and sharing of medical data. For example, data could be inputted by patients, laboratories, and IoT biometric devices, and then anonymized so this data can be shared with researchers.

Read the full story on: https://www.blackberry.com



DLS is the Technology Provider for ONEBIO

DLS technology Barracuda has been selected by ONEBIO due its advanced capabilities within the Blockchain technology and its ability to provide a full solution within the Life Science industry. DLS will provide the key solution technology for ONEBIO life science industry in a value driven ecosystem of BioData Economics and covering a wide range of functionalities.


DLS Barracuda is the first blockchain technology to be truly integrated into Life Science  World-Wide and will help to build the foundation for the transformation of the Life Science industry as we know it.




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