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Secure solutions for e-Trust, e-ID, e-Communication and much more at highest standards


Regulatory system to comply with law and regulations in any sector.

DLS Technology within the Legal environment

Digital Ledger Systems delivers high performance blockchain solutions for legal environments. A solution for smart contracts and document storage for lawyers in a secure, stable and regulated system.

Barracuda LAW

DLS Technology Black Box solution for vehicles

Digital Ledger Systems delivers high performance blockchain solutions for car manufacturers to provide a better management and history of vehicle status and usage. Manipulation free records & history.

Barracuda BlackBox

DLS Technology usage within the Health sector

Digital Ledger Systems delivers high performance blockchain options for the pharma industry. Improve process, reduce cost and speed up time to market. Available to run phase1 to 3 in drug processes.

Barracuda LS

DLS Technology within Insurance

Digital Ledger Systems delivers an optimized way for insurances to work with clients. Automated processes, history, compliance and cost saving.

Barracuda INS

Global Solutions with DLS

Digital Ledger Systems is the choice for Blockchain Solutions

Our Latest Projects

Legal Environment

Digital Ledger Systems works closely with one of the largest law firms in Switzerland for legal contract information on the blockchain.


Digital Ledger Systems is working with an established insurance company in Switzerland to provide true and simplified insurance option in Switzerland.

BaaS & SaaS

Digital Ledger Systems is drawing up plans for Baas & Saas solutions for Blockchain technology utilizing Barracuda.

DLS Barracuda for Business & Private use

DLS Barracuda has a simple usage for private users to store all their information and documents in a secure & reliable way within the Blockchain.

DLS Barracuda optimizes the business processes and ensures a compliance with regulations is given. Lean API, Speed & Lean Approach ensure savings of up to 70% can be achieved.